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Hello! I’m Melissa

Artist, Photographer and Chief Creative


I’ve been a registered nurse for over 20 years who is passionate about drawing, painting & photography since I was a little girl.  I took painting/illustration courses to refine my passion and as a way to unwind from my nursing classes.

Many years later, I was able to renew my journey back to drawing, painting & photography.  My son (who is 9yrs old) asked that I paint a mural of our backyard (complete with all the little creatures that visit us) for him on his playroom wall.  I was honored and tickled!  I didn’t stop at the wall….I did the ceiling too!  I painted the sky with clouds, birds in flight and a rouge kite.    

Friends and family loved my paintings and ideas.  I decided it was now or never to start my own art business….ArtisticallyMelissa. I enjoy finding inspiration in the most unusual places for my photography.   Most of my paintings are done with acrylics.  I have found find acrylics to be good for walls and ceiling (which need to dry quickly.)  I love to paint with oils and watercolors as well. 

 I find inspiration in nature and love incorporating this artwork into everyday objects.  My favorite painters are the old masters; Michelangelo & Renoir to name a few.  I am smitten by Beatrix Potter’s watercolors as well.


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